Jeg tilbyr oppmåling for sjekk av sal, oppføling av rygg og endring av denne med trening og for bestilling av sal hvor dette tilbys av produsent.

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Equiscans hjemmeside

Great Perspectives for Horses and Equestrians!
Many horse owners and equestrians are realizing the potential of a well-fitting saddle concerning the health of their horse’s back. Be on the safe side, by using an EQUIscan measurement done by a professional and certified partner or back measurer. This way the saddle fit is not determined by chance or “feel”.

Measurement Process
The process is always the same, no matter what saddle type you have or what discipline is practiced .

EQUIscan can reproduce the horses back, especially the saddle area and is able to numerically capture and archive the shape. Through this method, past measurements can be reproduced at any time and place in order to compare the present condition of the back to older measurements. Changes in the saddle area are now visible.

Furthermore we are able to look „through the horses back“ into the saddle in order to assess the saddle fit.

 Advantages for Horse Owners When Using EQUIscan
Conclusive and transparent saddle assessment on site
Professional documentation of horse, rider and saddle data
Visualizing changes in the horses back
Targeted communication with saddleries and retailers simplifies the purchase of a fitting saddle
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