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Centre of saddle (seat area) should be parallel to the floor...
on the horse‘s back.

Withers Clearance

Clearance at the withers should be 2-3 fingers for
normal withers; mutton withers will have more
clearance/ high withers will have less clearance.
Clearance should be all around, not just at the top.

Gullet Width

Wide enough not to interfere with spinal processes
or musculature of the horse‘s back (3-4 fingers).

Full Panel Contact

Touch horse‘s back evenly all the way from front
to back; some may be off the back end to allow
the back to come up during engagement

Tree Width

Wide enough for saddle to fit during movement.

Billet Alignment

Billets should hang perpendicular to ground so
that the girth is not angled (positioned properly) –
the girth will always find its position at the
narrowest point behind the elbow.

Shoulder Angle

Panel points should be parallel to shoulder angle
to position saddle properly.


Saddle should not fall off to one side when viewed
from back. Tree points should be behind both
scapulae (shoulder blades)

Saddle Length

Shoulder and loin area should not carry any
weight Rider weight should be on saddle
support area only.. 

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